Measurement Solutions

Natural gas and liquids measurement

Accuracy is Everything

Pro-Tek accuracy and precision ensures you get paid for what you produce. We can provide the entire solution or provide the high-quality components and services needed to complete your program.

Complete Systems

Accurate Oil and Gas Measurement

Measurement Solutions

Upstream and Downstream

oil and gas measurement


  • Design, Build, Install, Commission and Service Measurement Equipment.
  • Measurement program management.
  • Meter Runs.
  • Precision Calibration.
  • Gas Sampling.
  • Professional Measurement Program Management.
  • Compliance With AGA, API and BLM Requirements.
  • Emissions Measurement and Monitoring.

The pro-tek difference


  • Accuracy, consistency, verifiable gas and liquids measurement.
  • Precision calibration, samples.
  • Skilled, trained technicians to operate at a high level.
  • Compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

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